We Offer the Following Services

  • Product/Component Design

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Powder Coating

  • Circuit Board Assembly

  • Turnkey Product Manufacturing


All under one roof in Phoenix, AZ USA.  

Family owned and operated since 1966.

Manufacturing Services with Standards You Can Trust

APSM Systems is ISO 9001:2015 certified (the most up-to-date certification currently available). We offer design and manufacturing services in custom sheet metal fabrication and printed circuit board assembly from prototype completion to high-level production, whichever you need to suit the demands of your customers.

APSM Systems is dedicated to providing manufacturing and design services for high-quality custom sheet metal products with high precision and accuracy. With a quick turnaround time, you will have the freedom you need to focus on what you do best, selling products to your customers. Since APSM Systems can take the idea, design, render, and manufacture a finished product, you will save money and time during the process, as well as gaining the benefit of product continuity, since there are no third-party companies to interrupt the manufacturing process.

Sheet Metal Fabrication & Electronic Assembly Services

APSM Systems offers a wide range of custom services related to sheet metal and electronic fabrication.
Services we provide include:

  • Custom sheet metal fabrication services

  • Sheet metal enclosure fabrication

  • Printed circuit board through hole and surface mount assembly

  • Electro mechanical assembly and testing

  • Sheet metal product design

  • Precision sheet metal fabrication

When you need custom precision sheet metal fabrication services or printed circuit board assembly services, APSM Systems is a name you can trust. Any good idea can start as nothing but a doodle on a napkin, but it takes a lot of know-how, talent, and skill to make that concept into a reality. Work with APSM Systems and start selling your product tomorrow.

Industry Focus

As a leading designer and  manufacturer of technology products, APSM Systems is a major player in the industries listed below. We’ve been supplying our goods to well-known local and global companies for years, and have developed an excellent reputation within the community. Our engineers are closely supported by a team of highly trained professionals, and ensure that all of our products embody the latest design, technological and usability breakthroughs.

Science Lab


Since 1971

APSM Systems produces a wide range of diagnostic equipment enclosures fabricated from stainless steel as well as aluminum.  Most of the fabricated parts are also coated, in house, with anti microbial wet or powder paint.  The paint is applied using our state of the art cleaning and coating production line.   

Black and White Traffic

Transportation and Parking Technology

Since 2007

APSM Systems specializes in designing and manufacturing parking metering, mass transit ticketing, and traffic compliance and enforcement equipment.


Data Center

Since 2000

APSM Systems designs and manufactures our own line of patented power distribution modules and server racks under the brand name AARKpower.  The modules we have manufactured, power servers for many of the worlds largest organizations.  



Since 2001

APSM Systems designs and manufactures both indoor and outdoor kiosks under the name AARKiosk.  The kiosks are used in major fast food chains, casual dining, hotel lobbies, mall directories, micro markets, medcal offices, medical clinics, government agencies, and many others.

Electric Car Battery Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging and Solar

Since 2012

APSM Systems works with the who's who of EV charging and we are proud to be assisting our clients with the design and manufacture of the charging infrastructure rolling out across the United States.


Automated Teller Machines

Since 2019

APSM Systems designs and manufactures various equipment used in the automated collection and dispersement of various currencies and crypto-currencies.