Sheet metal fabrication is a highly versatile method of using malleable types of metal that can be shaped, cut, welded, and pressed into just about any desired shape. Aluminum is especially useful in fabrication due to its low weight-to-strength ratio, flexibility, and resistance to corrosion. Aluminum is also a non-ferrous metal, meaning that it cannot become magnetized, which makes it very useful when it comes to building cases and components for electronics. Since it is lightweight and durable, as well as relatively abundant and less expensive to refine and process than other similarly performing metals, aluminum has found its way into just about every niche of fabrication, from laptop computers and smartphones to aircraft bodies and communication satellites.

The Aluminum Fabrication Process

In its elemental form, aluminum is a flakey, white metal, which at one time was extremely difficult to produce. It was even more valuable than silver or gold due to the complexity in refining any usable amount. But in the 19th century, that all began to change, and so today, aluminum is as common as it is practical. From aluminum foil candy wrappers to high-performance supercars, aluminum is everywhere. Fabrication takes sheets of aluminum and through a process of cutting, bending, stamping, shaping, or welding, it can be formed into whatever is needed.

Typically, a design is made using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), and an assembly line is built in which sheets of aluminum are cut to the required sizes. The pieces are shaped using high-pressure rollers, which can bend and form the metal to the desired shapes, like pieces in a 3D jigsaw puzzle. The pieces can be molded by hot or cold pressing, and even welded or cut as needed. The pieces can be finished in a large variety of ways, from powder coating to anodization. Whatever the end result, the process concludes with the components matching the customer's specifications.

APSM Systems is an aluminum sheet metal manufacturer that takes the process from start to finish all under one roof, from the beginning plans and engineering to the fabrication of aluminum on a medium- or large-scale prototype/production line. The prototypes are even tested by our engineers to ensure they are functional and ready for use after they leave the assembly line. Our dedication to quality control and customer service has given us the edge over competitors for decades.

About Our Aluminum Fabrication Company

APSM Systems employs a team of highly skilled engineers and sheet metal manufacturers whose experience is not simply limited to shaping sheet metal. Electronics, complex prototyping and quick, reliable service are all at your disposal. Since we are based in Phoenix, AZ, we are not only local, but serve many customers throughout the United States. This means that your product isn't going to be outsourced to a company overseas, but right here where you are informed and in-control every step of the way.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which is the most up-to-date certification currently available. We offer design and manufacturing services, all in one enormous facility, bringing you high-quality products with high precision and accuracy. Unlike overseas companies, APSM Systems provides quick turnaround times and a comprehensive offering of services. We handle a wide range of services related to metal and electronic manufacturing in our facility, whether it is aluminum, steel, or pre-plated materials.

If you have an idea in mind for a project that will require aluminum sheet metal fabrication, APSM Systems should be right at the top of your short list for competent, fast, and reliable companies ready to serve your needs. Contact us to see how we can meet your aluminum sheet metal fabrication needs!