Contract Manufacturing Services

Generously Equipped Manufacturing Facility in the USA

APSM Systems is a vertically integrated contract manufacturing company based in Phoenix, AZ and provides circuit board assembly, sheet metal fabrication, and full product integration and testing for global OEM customers. APSM Systems is ISO 9001:2015 certified and provides both design and manufacturing services for technology products. With quick turnaround times and a vast assortment of skills, our contract manufacturing services can take your idea from concept to prototype under one large factory roof.

Sheet Metal Fabrication​

Sheet metal fabrication is associated with a vast assortment of applications. It is used in vehicles, household appliances, art and design, and more. Sheet metal fabrication services are commonly used in the manufacturing of electronic devices—especially enclosures, housings, and cases. Sheet metal comes in a variety of materials, from steel and stainless steel to aluminum, tin, titanium, copper, and other non-ferrous alloys. Sheet metal can be pressed, cut, warped, shaped, cold- and heat-rolled, and crafted into just about any specification. Below are just a few of our core services we offer in precision sheet metal fabrication.


Sheet Metal Product Design Services

Code on Laptop Computer

Safe and Secure

Beginning with CAD and rendering programs, your concept is made into a functional device from start to finish, in-house.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Services


IPC Certified

APSM Systems is a global leader in manufacturing complex PCBA's for the world’s best known OEMs. In-house services include surface mount placement, through hole insertion, wave soldering, selective soldering, hand soldering, conformal coating, testing, and embedded software installation.  Typical materials processed include standard and high temp FR4 and aluminum.  Component sizes range from 0201 to high ball count BGA's.

Sheet Metal Enclosure Fabrication Services


World Class Manufacturing

Ideal for systems units, electronic cases, and electronic components. Suited to the ever-changing nature of aesthetic design as well as functional requirements in the electronics industry.

Sheet Metal Product Assembly Services


World Class Employees

Products are designed, manufactured and tested in one assembly line, reducing error as well as saving expense when it comes to working with third-party manufacturers.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Services and

Turnkey Product Manufacturing


An Extension of the OEM Customer

APSM Systems is proud to be trusted with full turnkey manufacturing for many OEM customers.  The products that we manufacture are used by thousands of people everyday and on every continent.

Fully Integrated Sheet Metal Services -

Sheet Metal Fabrication with APSM Systems

Contact APSM Systems for your sheet metal fabrication needs and receive a quote on our design, fabrication, and manufacturing services. From start to finish, design to prototype, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products and services.