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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


APSM Systems will commit to upholding the human rights of workers, and to treating them with dignity and respect. This includes the requirement that all work shall be voluntary; no child labor will be used; working hours, wages and benefits shall be set fairly and in accordance with local laws; all employees shall be treated humanely without any form of harassment or abuse; there will be no unlawful discrimination of any kind.

Health and Safety

APSM Systems will strive to maintain a safe and healthy work environment that promotes occupational safety by implementing emergency plans; adopting procedures and systems to mitigate occupational injury and illness; minimizing worker exposure to potential hazards;  taking proper safety measures by protecting workers from potential harm caused by physically demanding work or hazardous equipment; ensuring a sanitary working environment; communicating the importance of Health and Safety to all employees.


APSM Systems appreciates the value of environmental responsibility and, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, will obtain all required environmental permits and registrations that apply to our operations; make continuous efforts to reduce waste and discharges of all types; identify and carefully manage hazardous substances to ensure proper use, storage and disposal; monitor all air emissions and wastewater discharges; follow local waste and recycling laws;  prohibit or restrict the use of certain environmentally hazardous substances;  minimize energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


APSM Systems will maintain integrity by prohibiting any and all forms of bribery, corruption, extortion, and embezzlement in accordance with anti-corruption laws; rejecting kickbacks or other means of obtaining undue or improper business advantages; disclosing information in accordance with applicable regulations; respecting and protecting intellectual property rights and customer information; upholding standards of fair business, advertising and competition; allowing suppliers or employees to raise concerns without fear of retaliation while also protecting their identities; exercising due diligence on the source and chain of custody of certain materials upon customer request; protecting the reasonable privacy expectations of personal information for everyone we do business with, including suppliers, customers, and employees.

Management System

APSM Systems’ senior management and executives are responsible and accountable for commitment to compliance and continual improvement; ensuring implementation of management systems; identifying, monitoring, and understanding applicable laws, regulations and customer requirements; identifying the legal compliance, environmental, health and safety, and labor practice and ethics risks associated with company operations; implementing performance objectives; implementing programs to train employees to meet applicable legal and regulatory requirements; communicating clear and accurate information to workers, suppliers, and customers; reviewing employee feedback and promoting employee participation; overseeing internal company audits, internal or external assessments, inspections, investigations and reviews while ensuring deficiencies found are identified and corrective action is taken; maintaining records to ensure regulatory compliance and conformity to company requirements along with appropriate confidentiality to protect privacy; communicating to our suppliers the importance of complying this policy as it pertains to them.