Since the development of the assembly line process, one of the key elements which quickly evolved was the use of interchangeable parts. This allowed items to be built with pieces that were not only uniform in design, and therefore used a limited number of tools and dies in their creation, but also had the versatility of replacement parts being readily available when needed. One of the modular components of building things in an assembly line process is something as simple and basic as a fabricated metal enclosure box.

Metal enclosure boxes serve a variety of purposes. From items such as lockboxes to filing cabinets, to more technical and ubiquitous uses such as electronics enclosures, you can find metal enclosure boxes just about anywhere. Depending on the use, the design of the item, and even the aesthetic, whatever use you have in mind for an enclosure box, there is a sheet metal out there that will work best for its fabrication. 

Fabricating Sheet Metal Boxes

Like most things that are made, it starts with an idea. From a rough sketch, or even just a concept of what needs to be done, our engineers will take the concept and with the help of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) applications, design the enclosure box with the metallurgical properties of the box, functionality, strength, and optimal structural performance of the metal and how it responds in mind. The assembly line process is then configured to not only take raw materials, such as sheet metal and manufacture the box, but to do it in such a way that reduces waste materials and saves time.

The sheet metal is then sent through a series of automated machines, which takes sheet metal--such as aluminum, steel, or pre-plate--and begin to fabricate it into the enclosure box or other desired component. Sheet metal can be cut, folded, bent, stamped, and welded into just about any desired shape. Once the enclosure box is created, it can also be fitted with other components, such as wiring harnesses, PCBs, or grafted on to other existing assemblies. The sheet metal boxes can also be powder coated, silk screened, or anodized as part of manufacturing the finished product. When possible, all stages of the assembly process from design and fabrication to testing and quality control are performed on site in our Phoenix facility.

About Arizona Precision Sheet Metal
A Trusted Sheet Metal Box Manufacturer

APSM Systems employs a team of highly skilled engineers and fabricators whose experience is not simply limited to manufacturing sheet metal enclosure boxes. Electronics, complex prototyping, and quick, reliable service are also at your disposal. Since we are based in Phoenix, AZ, we are not only local, but serve many customers throughout the United States, which means your sheet metal box isn't going to be outsourced to be fabricated by a company overseas. It will be manufactured right here where you are informed and in control every step of the way.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which is the most up-to-date certification currently available. We offer design and manufacturing services, all in one facility, bringing you high-quality products with precision and accuracy. Unlike overseas companies, APSM Systems is local, and provides a quick turnaround for your products and a comprehensive offering of competencies. We handle a wide range of services related to metal and electronic manufacturing, with just about any other type of sheet metal out there today -- steel, aluminum, or pre-plate! 

If you have an idea in mind for a project using a sheet metal enclosure box, call on APSM Systems for a competent, fast, and reliable company ready to serve your needs. Contact us, to see how we can meet your sheet metal enclosure box fabrication needs!