Fabricating sheet metal parts is an extremely versatile and cost-effective method for manufacturing parts and components for a variety of different applications. This process has found its way into just about every facet of our daily lives, from the materials which were used to make your household appliances to the car you drive, the smartphone in your pocket, the gutters on your roof, and the airplanes that fly overhead. It all begins with an idea, and through the use of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), the designs become a reality through a system of machines in a modular assembly line which is configured to manufacture sheet metal into finished parts and components.

Sheet metal is just about as diverse as the metal and alloys used to create it. Steel, aluminum, and pre-plate each are bent, pressed, welded, cut, and fabricated into a finished sheet metal part. Depending on the requirements, costs, and structure of the design, there is a sheet metal that is right for the job. Finishing can also include anodizing, powder coating, painting, silk screening, and acid etching.

The Fabrication Process of Custom
Sheet Metal Parts

The fabrication process begins with raw metal materials. Sheet metal begins in a foundry, and ingots of metal are rolled into sheets through a series of metal rollers until they are the desired thickness. The sheets are either shipped as flat sections or rolls which are ready for fabrication at our APSM Systems facility.

A CAD drawing is created, which uses computers to determine not only the design, but also calculate the optimal structural strategy based on the required shape of the custom metal parts being fabricated. From there, the sheet metal is cut to desired sizes and fed through a series of machines which cut, bend, stamp, press, or weld the pieces into a prototype. A prototype can be produced for demonstration purposes or may be part of a medium- to large-scale production as needed. The prototypes are tested to ensure functionality.

Since the process itself is flexible due to the unlimited scope of what it can be used to fabricate, there is really no single way sheet metal parts can be produced. This process all takes place under one roof, in our Phoenix, AZ facility. From beginning to end, your sheet metal parts are manufactured under the scrutiny of one entity, and unlike other companies which ship their jobs overseas, there is a significant reduction in the amount of error between facilities.

About Our Sheet Metal Part Manufacturers

APSM Systems employs a team of highly skilled engineers and fabricators whose experience is not simply limited to shaping sheet metal parts. We offer a variety of manufacturing services for electronics, wiring harnesses, and complex prototyping. We are based in Phoenix, AZ, so we are not only local, but serve many customers throughout the United States. Your product isn't going to be outsourced to a company overseas, but right here where you are informed and in control every step of the way.  
We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which is the most up-to-date certification currently available. To provide you the highest quality products, we offer design and manufacturing services, all in one facility. We also offer quick turnaround times and a comprehensive offering of manufacturing services. We handle a wide range of sheet metal fabrication and electronics manufacturing with just about any other type of sheet metal including steel, aluminum, and pre-plated materials!  
If you have an idea in mind for a project, contact APSM Systems today for competent, fast, and reliable sheet metal parts manufacturing.