Sheet metal is perhaps one of the most versatile materials for building in our world today. In terms of performance and cost, nothing else commercially available compares to sheet metal. Not long ago, wood was often the go-to material when it came to building and design, but in the last century, with significant advances made in forging, and a wide selection of custom industrial sheet metal production types, especially aluminum and titanium, just about anything you can design can be fabricated and produced out of industrial sheet metal.  

Types of Industrial Sheet Metal

Steel: Steel is the combination of iron and carbon as well as other metals which affect the crystalline structure of these elements at an atomic level. Depending on which alloys are used, the methods of tempering, corrosion resistance, hardness, and flexibility can be controlled with precision. Known for its durability, strength, and long life, there are many different types of steel to fabricate for your industrial sheet metal project.

Aluminum: At one time, due to the difficulty of producing this metal in significant quantities, it was once valued more than gold or silver. Improvements in production have given us a very light, versatile, and strong metal which is an excellent conductor of heat. Today it is used in just about any industry, from aerospace to household goods to computers.

Many other industrial metals to choose from: If metal is formed into sheets, we can acquire it and use it to fabricate whatever you need.

Fabricating Custom Industrial Sheet Metal

  1. Design: It all starts with a plan.  With the aid of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), our engineers can take your design and create working schematics which are then brought to life through a system of interchangeable assembly line stations. The design incorporates what is needed for the product along with the capabilities of the chosen industrial sheet metal for optimum performance.​

  2. Process: Industrial sheet metal is sent through an assembly line process in which they are fabricated with any of several methods to produce a finished product, all within very precise measurements of tolerance.

    • Bending

    • Cutting

    • Shaping

    • Welding

    • Stamping

  3. Finishing and testing: Once the product is fabricated, it is finished with a variety of methods, such as silk-screening, anodizing, powder coating, or DLC coating. If the product is mechanical or electronic in nature, the finished prototype is tested. Once the inspection has been passed, the custom industrial sheet metal product is ready for sale and distribution.  ​

Everything is done under one roof, allowing our customers control of their product from design and raw materials to testing. Our assembly line is capable of mid and high-volume production as well as prototyping.

About Our Custom Industrial Sheet Metal Fabricators

APSM Systems employs a team of highly skilled engineers and fabricators whose experience is not simply limited to shaping custom industrial sheet metal parts. Electronics, wiring harnesses, complex prototyping and quick, reliable service are all at your disposal. We are based in Phoenix, AZ, but we serve many customers throughout the United States. This means that your product isn't going to be outsourced to a company overseas, but will be manufactured right here where you are informed and in control every step of the way.  

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which is the most up-to-date certification currently available. We offer design and manufacturing services, all under one roof, bringing you high-quality products with high precision and accuracy. Unlike overseas companies, APSM Systems provides quick turnaround times and a comprehensive offering of competencies. We handle a wide range of services related to metal and electronic manufacturing, with just about any type of sheet metal including steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, and more.

If you have an idea in mind for a project that will require industrial sheet metal fabrication, APSM Systems should be right at the top of your shortlist for competent, fast, and reliable companies ready to serve your needs. Contact us to see how we can meet your custom industrial sheet metal fabrication needs.