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Our printed circuit boards (PCBs) are manufactured by sandwiching layers of conductive material, such as copper between non-conductive substrates such as FR-4 glass epoxy or phenolic resin saturated cotton paper, and the desired pathways are made by etching, soldering, and the connection of the layers of the board in a desired configuration to create the circuits. These circuits can be soldered or even glued to components such as resistors, processors, wiring harnesses, and other mounted components.

Circuits can also be created by electroplating the substrate, allowing for very thin and exceptionally functional printed circuit boards to be manufactured. The advantage of PCBs is being able to mass produce reliable circuitry quickly and through an automated process. The expense saved on materials, as well as time and labor make them extremely cost effective. The process itself allows for some very detailed and specialized circuits to be made, which are also extremely durable, compared to the wiring of yesteryear.

The Process of Manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards

The circuit begins by using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and the skill and insight of a capable engineer. The design is brought to life by a series of machines, which take the design and begin by using layered laminates of conductive and non-conductive material. Holes are made in the substrate that will be used to be points of contact for the components and circuits when the sheet is soldered. The process is automated and completed with precision and repetition with the help of machines. The soldering is performed by passing sheets of this material through a soldering bar, which creates the pathways much the same way a soldering gun would do for each component. Manual soldering is also used in quality control, testing, and inspection to ensure the functionality of the PCB when the process is finished.  

About Our PCB Manufacturing Company

APSM Systems employs a team of highly skilled engineers and fabricators whose experience is not simply limited to designing and manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards. We offer quick, reliable services in electronics manufacturing and complex prototyping. We are based in Phoenix, AZ, which means we can help local companies, but also many customers throughout the United States. Your product isn't going to be outsourced to a company overseas, but right here where you are informed and in control every step of the way. 

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which is the most up-to-date certification currently available. We offer manufacturing and design services, all in one facility, bringing you high-quality products with the greatest precision and accuracy, from beginning to end. Unlike overseas companies, APSM Systems provides quick turnaround times and a comprehensive offering of services. We handle a wide range of manufacturing and design services related to metal and electronic PCB manufacturing, with just about any type of sheet metal out there today including steel, aluminum, and pre-plate!  

If you have an idea in mind for a project that will require Printed Circuit Board manufacturing, contact APSM Systems for fast and reliable services ready to serve your needs.  Contact us today to see how we can meet your sheet metal fabrication needs!