Sheet Metal Rapid Prototyping

Every great product begins with an idea. It can have its humble beginnings from a doodle on a piece of notebook paper while you are brainstorming ideas, or it can be something that provides a solution to some kind of design problem that has been bothering you for as long as you can remember. Either way, as an innovator and a designer, there comes a time when that idea must be born into the world. APSM Systems can take your design and make it a reality, literally taking it from the drawing board to providing a component you can touch, examine, and continue to engineer. We also know that time is of the essence when it comes to great ideas, which is why rapid prototyping can take your idea from concept to prototype in a shorter timeframe than most would expect.​

The Rapid Prototyping Process

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) allows the engineers and designers working on your rapid prototyping project to create the schematics, and our facilities do the rest. Sheet metal is a highly versatile material, and depending on the requirements of the component, the complexity of the design, and the aesthetic quality, you are going to need to see what it looks like in reality so that it can be tested, improved, and even submitted to your customers as what they need to improve their lives.

Sheet metal is fabricated through an automated process, making precise bends, cuts, stamping, drilling, tapping, and even finishing to turn your component into a working prototype. You choose the type of sheet metal used, and through the assembly line process, the materials are pressed, rolled, folded, and fixed with hardware or electronic components to build your prototype, which can be integrated into the rest of your systems or just demonstrated as a working, stand-alone product. 

The Main Advantages of Rapid Prototyping Sheet Metal Products

The main advantage of rapid prototyping your sheet metal products is time. Good ideas and designs wait for no one, and if you need your prototypes out in the world, working hard for you to sell units to your customers, "right now" is always preferable to "wait and see." From initial design to testing and integration of a fully-functioning component, APSM Systems has years of comprehensive capabilities and expertise to offer you:

  • Sheet metal fabrication

  • Powder coating

  • Product integration and testing

  • Sheet metal product assembly

  • Sheet metal product design

  • Precision sheet metal fabrication


The industry is not forgiving of those who waste time. With rapid prototyping and other comprehensive services at APSM Systems, you can get going ASAP.

Rapid Prototyping at APSM Systems

APSM Systems is a sheet metal fabrication company based in Phoenix, AZ. As a leader in the sheet metal fabrication and rapid prototyping industry, our facility provides products and services nationwide. APSM Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which means we are held to the same standards as top manufacturing companies worldwide. As a leader in design and manufacturing services, we provide our customers with fast, efficient, and effective products, built to the highest standards of quality. It doesn't just have to be rapid prototyping to give our customers the benefit of quick turnaround times and a quality of service they can trust.

APSM Systems has a comprehensive offering of services from concept to finished product, all under one roof. We handle a wide range of services related to metal and electronic manufacturing. From start to finish, APSM Systems is your one-stop-shop source for sheet metal manufacturing and prototyping.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about what APSM Systems can do for you.

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