Sheet metal fabrication is the process of taking sheet metal (whether it is steel, aluminum, titanium, or other non-ferrous metals) and forming them into products based on just about any design or function the material allows. Sheet metal fabrication has any number of applications, from household items such as appliances to industrial machinery such as enclosures or components. Sheet metal fabrication is especially useful in the electronics industry, as well as in combination with circuit boards and wiring harnesses in order to create electronic hardware and other devices. Metal is precision cut, stamped, rolled, welded, and shaped according to specifications, and is even powder finished.  
Your design can take shape from concept to prototype with the help of APSM System's knowledgeable staff. We can help you take a concept from doodle on a napkin all the way to prototype and even mid to high-level manufacturing. Materials such as aluminum, cold rolled steel, stainless steel, and copper can all be used to fabricate sheet metal enclosures.

Sheet Metal Enclosure Fabrication Services

Electronic Sheet Metal Enclosures

Sheet metal enclosures for electronics are becoming one of the most common manufacturing requests for precision sheet metal fabrication, and in combination with other electronics components. Here are some of the different types of enclosures that we specialize in:

Rackmount Enclosures

1u to 4u rackmount enclosures and cooling systems.

Medical Equipment Enclosure

Tight tolerance fabrication coated with anti-microbial powder or wet paint.

Kiosk Housings

Look for an indoor or outdoor kiosk enclosure?  We can make it to print or design it for you.

Consoles and Instrumentation Enclosures

Specialized instrumentation likely needs a utilitarian design to go with it that goes beyond stock product.

Slot Machine Enclosure

Why stop with what is under the hood when building the perfect gambling system? Make it as unique to who you are as the software inside.

And More

Anything else you need to be contained in a sheet metal enclosure: Sheet metal can be made into just about any kind of enclosure.  

Comprehensive Enclosure Fabrication Services

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly and Integration
Rapid Prototyping
Powder Coating
Accuracy and Precision
Product Design and Assembly
Quick Turnaround Time
Ideal for Electronics Enclosures

Laser Cutting/Punching

Available in the US

Hardware Insertion Pres

Hardware Installation

Available in the US



Available in the US


Resistance Welding

Available in the US


MIG and TIG Welding

Available in the US


Powder Coating

Available in the US


Wet Paint

Available in the US


Silk Screening

Available in the US


UV Cure Artwork Printing

Available in the US

A Manufacturer with Standards

APSM Systems is based in Phoenix, AZ and provides sheet metal products and enclosure fabrication services nationwide. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified enclosure manufacturer and offer both design and manufacturing services for your precision sheet metal fabrication and electronic enclosure needs.