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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

We offer low volume, mid volume, and high volume sheet metal fabrication services.  On time and on budget all of the time.     

A lot of people take for granted the benefits of sheet metal fabrication. We see the results of this process in our daily lives, from our computer’s cases to the mounting boxes in our electrical outlets. Precision sheet metal fabrication is a relatively new process, taking raw materials, such as sheet metal, and shaping, cutting, welding, and pressing it into finished products used for a variety of machine components.

There are many metals to choose from, such as steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, tin, and many more. Each possesses unique properties, costs, structural values, and magnetic and non-magnetic qualities. Depending on the project and the amount you are willing to invest in your product, there is an ideal sheet metal our team can find to provide your product with the best match for the job.

Since electronic components, such as cases and boxes require standards of integration into other systems, precision is vital in the design and fabrication of sheet metal components. Our team of designers, engineers, and fabricators can take your design from the its inception to the advanced prototype level or even the mid- to high-production working product, ready for distribution to your customers. 

The Manufacturing Process of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Every design begins with an idea, whether it is just a few doodles on a notebook to a fully-developed CAD-created schematic. APSM Systems incorporates every step of the process into its assembly line, from design to fabrication to finishing. The sheet metal is fabricated into a working design by a system of machinery, from rollers and presses to drills, cutting machines, and even powder coating finishing. Our precision sheet metal fabrication process allows for integration of printed circuit boards and other complex electronic components within your product. The final product is tested for functionality as well as held to rigorous manufacturing standards within high levels of tolerance to ensure safety and workmanship.

Subdivisions of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Due to the nature of sheet metal, there are a lot of ways it can be fabricated to meet the demands of your product design.

  • Precision laser metal fabrication: Lasers can cut incredibly close and accurately, as well as create aesthetic effects such as etching or lettering in sheet metal.

  • Precision punch metal fabrication: Precision punch fabrication gives you the advantage of fitting specific features with other components, without affecting the temper of the materials.

  • Precision metal fabrication forming: Bending, shaping, pressing, and milling allows your product to take shape with high degrees of tolerance.

  • Powder coat: Powder coating is an important step in component creation and sheet metal fabrication in order to prevent dings, abrasions, and other damage during later steps in the component manufacturing process, that could otherwise ruin your product.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Services with APSM Systems

APSM Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with the most up-to-date certification currently available in the industry. Based in Phoenix, AZ, we provide products and services to a multitude of clients nationwide. APSM Systems offers both design and manufacturing services to fabricate sheet metal products for a fully-functioning machine. For years, APSM Systems has provided our customers with high-quality sheet metal products through high precision and accuracy. Held to international standards of customer service and workmanship, APSM Systems still produces mid- to high-production products and prototypes with quick turnaround times. Our team include experts in the field and provide a comprehensive offering of competencies to handle a wide range of services related to metal and electronic manufacturing.


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