Sheet Metal Product Assembly Services

Have you ever had an idea that you just couldn't wait to take from the drawing board to the showroom floor but didn't know exactly how to do it? It seems like such a complicated process, but for APSM Systems, designing and assembling sheet metal products is just another day at the office.

Our turnkey products are produced to be ready to use once it leaves the assembly line. Not a lot of fabricators are even capable of doing this without outsourcing to other fabricators or even to other countries. To produce high-quality quick turn products, APSM Systems provides attention to every item we produce, all under one very large roof. We assemble products that are ready to ship to your customers.

We employ a wide assortment of trained technicians, fabricators, engineers, and designers to provide you with complete product assembly services. All you need to do is supply the idea. From Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) to cutting, pressing, and shaping in the assembly line to inspection and testing on the finished product, the process all leads to one place: producing a quality item to supply to your customers. APSM Systems offers comprehensive product assembly services to include testing and quality control. In precision sheet metal fabrication and assembly, these are extremely important, not only for the quality of your product, but also to ensure the product meets your standards and specifications exactly.  

Comprehensive Sheet Metal Product Services

Sheet Metal Fabrication
Product Design
Testing and Quality Control
Powder Coating
Ideal Solutions in The Precision Sheet Metal and Electronics Industry

Assembly of Quality Sheet Metal Products

APSM Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 certified sheet metal fabrication company based in Phoenix, AZ. APSM Systems offers comprehensive sheet metal manufacturing and product assembly services with quick turnaround times. Fabricating high-quality products in the sheet metal and electronics industry is what we do best.


Quality You Can Trust

At APSM Systems we are committed to providing the highest quality product manufacturing services in the world.  Through continuous improvement and a culture founded on quality, we are the right choice for your sub assembly needs.