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APSM Systems Customers Share Experiences Conveying the Value of Our High Standards and Well Built Partnerships

Sunday, July 21, 2019

"Good Morning Suzanne,

Firstly I want to thank you and everyone APSM for your gracious hosting and the steadfastness that they showed in coming together with Sam and I to finish the first TARs prototype - it's beautiful! I wish you could have been there Friday to see it in person! This experience really allowed me to see the strength of APSM and the dedication at every level the company has in the product they are tasked with manufacturing it's a rare kind of pride especially in an industry where is all about quicker, faster, cheaper.   You really did an incredible job with managing all the chaos and rallying your best personnel to step up - I can't imagine the kind of motivation you can stir up with your voice at 100%!  Mike and Rob where amazing in how fast they were able to make the changes to the parts and produce additional material needed in the many pinches we encountered.  This was truly a labor of love  everyone's commitment to making this possible further pushed me to step up to the challenges this build presented I pulled out every trick in the bag I had and even learned a few new ones.


I want to give a shout out to Maumer because he really went above and beyond and laid it all out there to see this through to completion. He worked as late as Sam and I wanted to go and had some great ideas in solving some of the mechanical and particularly the electrical issues with the machine. His ability to bring the right people in to lend a hand in many key moments especially in resolving the issue with the LED wiring was how we were able to finish on time.  Working so closely with him I was able to learn some new techniques and expand my knowledge of the industry.  We also had a phenomenal road trip delivering the game to our warehouse in Vegas!  That level of commitment to project management and customer satisfaction speaks very highly of the values of the APSM organization and he is a credit to those values.  


Please know that I am standing by to assist in the build of the second unit and if anything material wise is needed definitely let me know.  I really can't wait to come back down again and check out the pilot run!" 


Mike Giancaspro
​GameCo | The Video Game Casino
​Ops Manager